E-Commerce for  the Chemical Industry

Crucial for corporations to reach worldwide customers and increase global revenue

The B2B E-Commerce market is constantly growing and expected to exceed the retail market. E-Commerce is not limited to the retail industry anymore, it has has long reached other industries like the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Strong growth in global business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce market

There is a growing urgency for corporations to actively participate in the E-Commerce market to grow international market share 

How can the digital revolution be mastered, and innovative technology in form of E-Commerce solutions be developed?

How can corporations from more traditional industries apply and benefit from E-Commerce models?

How can corporations reach a global customer base and develop their own competitive advantages?

What are key drivers for corporations to offer E-Commerce solutions?  

The key is to clearly understand local and global customers’ needs and offer targeted E-Commerce solutions

Key technology opportunities are

Mobile commerce solutions: m-commerce shows highest B2B e-commerce growth rates and corporate customers demand portable solutions

Integrated, automated procurement solutions that connect the global supply chain

Effectively use data analytics and customer insights to offer the best customer solution to maximise sales, cross- and up-selling and launching new products.
Key technology solutions are

Offer tailored mobile E-Commerce solutions: the smartphone platform supports the entire B2B shopping journey

Maximise machine-to-machine (M2M) integrated connections and innovative dashboards for real-time services and location-independent solutions 

Apply Augmented Reality (AR) technology to allow teams to work location-independent

Corporations see the need to use innovative digital technologies to create added customer value along the value chain.

The definition of a digital strategy and digital priorities is crucial so added value can be created for customers.