Automation of the Value Chain using EH&S Information

For global corporations to better serve corporate customers (B2B) and end consumers (B2C)

Marketing and distribution are most important: Digital EHS information is a key driver

Companies focusing the most on market and distribution 

Source: Digital McKinsey. Digital Reinvention: Unlocking the “how”. 01.2018

Increasing Supply Chain complexity with suppliers and customers located around the world
  • The continuous increase in internet and mobile usage and increasing customer expectations for more efficient deliveries are growing requirements corporations face
  • Corporate customers often expect 24 hour deliveries. Many supply chains, especially in more traditional industries, often do not meet these requirements.
The Supply Chain is one of the most cost-intensive business areas
  • Innovative digital and automated solutions can make a significant difference to the supply chain performance
  • A digital supply chain improves the customer experience so corporations can develop strong relationships with their global customers.

Digital connections for the end-to-end Supply Chain are needed to provide the corporation, suppliers and customers with full visibility of all supply chain functions

A digital Supply Chain can lead to significant efficiency improvements and cost reductions for the corporation

Key success factors to improve customer experience and the efficiency of the overall supply chain include:
  • On-Demand is a proven success factor for customer engagement
  • Personalisation to be used to form stronger customer relationships and loyalty
  • Digital payment is becoming more flexible and can reduce costs for the corporation.