Our Machine Learning funnel at freiraum extracts free configurable KPIs from documents during the early acquisition phase and cross-validates data with human support.

Extracted information can be integrated into other applications or used for Business Intelligence.

The real estate acquisition process is often complex but critical for success. The entire process from preparing a realty prospect through to the acquisition of the real estate property is often long and time-consuming and includes many communication steps

First companies already use the potential of Machine Learning

1. Operating tasks can be simplified and digitised so resources can be used more effectively:  
  • Many emails and phone calls are currently required before the actual strategic core work can commence
  • Internal organisation and alignment across teams is complex and time-consuming
2.  A new digital process would enable stakeholders to see the big picture along the acquisition process:
  • The Acquisition Department has no full visibility on the current acquisition processes
  • The different portfolios or groups of realties cannot be filtered, monitored or shared in a modern way
3.  New processes allow management to archive and re-use relevant up-to-date realty data: 
  • The storage of the relevant data is usually not effective due to the differences in file formats
  • Existing data already available internally is often difficult to access and requires a lot of effort
  • The search for information for similar realty prospects or old tenant lists for the current prospects is time-consuming

Quick access to data and fast workflows allow improvements for real estate companies to provide better services to clients.

The objective is to highly support the acquisition department in their strategic work and to automate the operative processes to the state-of-the-art level. The automated data extraction, refusal management as well as external/internal communication and data evaluation can now be processed in a very quick and easy way. The acquisition process of a realty can now be managed by using the freiraum software via the web and mobile application from everywhere.

freiraum supports every step

freiraum software is the key tool for the state-of-the-art acquisition process

All processes can now be documented, archived and information can be reported in a variety of cuts. The digitised data enables the derivation of market trends and a singular market transparency. The possibility to assess a property according to the Point-Of-Interests (POIs): Transport link,