Why mobile


Become incredibly independent with our mobile solutions

Mobility has changed the nature of how people work and holds the potential to be a powerful driver for improved business outcomes. A centralized visibility, reusable tools and repeatable techniques ensure apps are agile, compliant and cost-effective. App-based data acquisition is faster and more accurate than traditional hard copy forms and offers a system of engagement rather than merely a system of record. Mobile solutions support closed loop marketing, by bringing together brand strategy, sales execution and customer response to ensure representatives deliver brand and product messages consistently.

We develop software for any usage including web, mobile, or database administration solutions in different scale, giving all stakeholders instant access to the data they need, anywhere and anytime.

Benefits and opportunities

Our experience with chemical and pharmaceutical companies for their reporting on REACH, SVA and compositions gives us a variety of solutions concerning this field. (Still) we customize solutions towards (all kinds of) clients.

Easy and fast to run compared to other operating systems
More control over how content is displayed
Access from nearly everywhere at anytime
Connect employees
Work within already existing IT environment
Boosting operational efficiencies
Replacing cumbersome
Error-prone paper-based workflows with intelligent data
App-based data acquisition is faster