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We believe that product related information is a key driver for customer service and engagement. In the same time EHS information is required to enable a stronger automation along the value chain.

Organizations are still using data mostly for regulatory purpose 

1. Chemical & Pharmaceutical companies mostly use their product safety data primarily for regulatory purpose
  • Organizations still provide only documents to their customers that are hard to handle
  • Internal processes are mostly used to fullfil needs for selling and transporting products
2.  Customers have only limited access to product related information with limited user experience
  • Most EHS information is currently available inside official documents
  • Around 86% of currently available online interfaces do not provide a single point of access to all relevant information
  • In case of updated EHS information, most customers do not get informed by the producer automatically
3.  Digitalization can strengthen customer engagement and can be used to automate processes along the value chain
  • More than 52% of lab technicans are looking for a digital access to EHS information or buy products online
  • All participants – like transportation, storage, usage and disposal – along the value chain do have to create documents manually
  • Regulation becomes crutial to enter emergin markets and follow sustainable goals

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