Smart Equipment Passport (SEP)

AI & Advanced Analytics for Equipment Management and Inspection Management enabling Digital Twins and cost reduction

Introducing SEP

The Smart Equipment Passport (SEP) is a digital platform that provides Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics to create Digital Identities for equipments in process industry. Information is aggregated from several data sources to create a single point of truth for internal and external use, along the value chain. The quality of Master Data and maintenance related information can be increased significantly to create valid Digital Twins. Digital Identities can be connected to equipments by using 2D barcodes. This enables engineers to use information anytime when working on the factory floor.

Digital Platform

SEP offers the possibility to exchange information along the inspection management process. All participants can decide what information to share and handle updates anytime.

Machine Learning

Intelligent algorithms contextualize and harmonize information from all parties to create a joined data set for everyone at the fingertips.

Connected Industry

Smart integrations intosystems are possible for all participants. Equipments can be supplied with datamatrix codes to integrate the analog and digital world.

Structured Search Interface

SEP provides fast search on all internal and external equipment related information. Regularly accessed documents saved as favorites at the starting page. Recent searches provided and per one-click accessible

Access The SEP-Cloud On All Devices

Each equipment has its own digital passport that is accessible from physical data matrix codes and links to other internal applications.​

Digital Platform for internal and external access, barcode enabled

SEP is a digital platform that can be used by internal and external stakeholders. Access and rights management can be managed inside the existing authenticationproviders and configured in SEP. 2D barcodes can be used to link the equipment to the equipment passport.

Workflow tracking

SEP allows users to track status and position of equipment during a Turn Around. Inthe same time, inspection and maintenance during daily business is supported and transformed into a process management environment.


SEP has digitized P&IDs with a precision of ~99%​

Machine Learning to transform technical drawings into data

SEP can understand technical drawings like P&IDs and extracts different equipment types and their naming. Based on this information, tags can be mappedto FLOCs with a precision of ~99%. SEP generates powerful spreadsheets and DEXPI XML files, containing all relevant master data and issues.

Data Governance for SAP masterdata, technical drawings and AVEVA

SEP can contextualize all relevant data sources to create a single-point-of-truth. This information can be used to generate missing data, correct existing data and enable the setup of DigitalTwins.


The matching of internal and external data records for equipment and schedules will be automated. For any internal and external data records that have not been automatically matched, the matching process can be done manually.

Unit manager can easily explore external data and create the missing matches to correct information or an action list for missing maintenance activities

Machine Learning to generate a Digital Identity

SEP can use several different data sources to automatically generate a single data record for an equipment with aprecision of >97%, using internal and external information on FLOC,equipment and inspection schedule granularity.

Digital Platform for internal and external access

SEP is a digital platform that canbe used by internal and external stakeholders. Access and rights management canbe managed inside the existing authentication providers and configured in SEP.The validation tool allows human-machine interaction to validate master dataand inspection schedules.


SEP integrates data from SAP providing heterogenous information.

‣improved data analysis
‣ enhanced data quality-> more transparency


SEP enables communication with external service providers, e.g. TÜV.

‣ all maintenance data of machinery updated
‣ congruency of information on both sides: operator and service provider


The SEP-Cloud provides a data center as the "single-source-of-truth".

‣ storage of all relevant documents, e.g. technical drawings
‣ low-code search function, favorites accessible per one-click

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