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Be part of the digital Revolution. At coac we’re looking for the brightest people to help us innovate! We understand ourself as a boutique. Headquartered in Cologne, Germany coac is home to talents who are helping brands to take advantage of the digital revolution.

Learning & Growth

Intellectual curiosity and continuous learning are highly valued at coac. We have opportunities for mentoring, lunch-and-learns, outside classes, conferences, and ample chances to collaborate across disciplines.

Inclusive Environment

We believe strong companies are built from a diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. We strive to foster a positive and inclusive environment, where everyone feels supported, comfortable, and completely part of the team.

Take action

We are self-starters and have a bias towards action, innovation, learning, and limiting politics. Quick, creative iteration wins.

Own it

We are accountable for our world and have a passionate “get it done” attitude. Results and consistency matter to our team.

Use data to decide

We make decisions based on the best data available. We are all responsible to question authority when there is data to challenge the status quo.