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Data Classification

The classification of data defines the confidentiality level of the data and the type of data content, which is crucial for information security, especially when dealing with large amounts of data, including sensitive data.

data classification
Stop Data Clutter
Protect Data Properly or Minimize Risks

Increasingly more data is stored with businesses, that are struggling to secure, organize and value the vast amount of it. Data Classification makes it clear which data be kept and collected and which have to be deleted due to regulations.

Increase Value and Mitigate Risk by Controlling and Understanding Your Data

Applying data classification tools and techniques allows businesses to master unstructured and uncontrolled data.While unstructured data is often unused and forgotten, their classification allows decisions on which data to keep and analyze and which needs what level of security regarding legal and regulatory compliances. Creating order and applying a strategic approach to data security unlocks the full potential to drive data innovation and profitability.

The Right Tooling to Prepare Data Fast

The classification of information has been a major issue for many years. Having new technologies in place, it is now possible to both process more data and process data faster. We have created a framework to establish this setup as quickly as possible. Which model works best can be simulated using our libraries and template technology stack.

How We Get Started

Setting Up & Planning

To successfully implement data classification, we work with your IT-teams to find all storage locations and platforms and understand the usage patterns. In the next step, we define security standards based on internal usage rights and external regulations to cleanse and protect data.

How We Continue

Artificial Intelligence Does the Job

To categorize correctly we extract meta data using tools of artificial intelligence, like natural language processing. This helps us set standards for different types of data and create automated cleanups using machine learning algorithms. Plus artificial intelligence helps to uncover the data that delivers business inside by advanced searching tools.

Let the Machines Do the Job of Sifting Through Tons of Your Data

Find your data quicker

Tagging information makes data classifiable and easier to handle. It allows you to find the right information quicker and easier.


Treat your data correctly

Some data is subject to regulations or requires special protection. By using data classification you set up an infrastructure that properly stores your data using classification information.


Make your data safer

Protect your data from the inside out. Accidents when handling data can happen in businesses. Sensitive data can be handled well with a smart combination of defining acess and identity management. Protect information from third parties by encrypting data and restricting access.


Make your Data measurable

Classifying data makes it possible to show who has seen the data and show which files are protected in which way. This leads to better reporting and compliance and creates data that meets legislative and regulatory requirements.


How We Work