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IT Assessments

The IT assessment serves to analyze and record the current state of IT by identifying strengths and weaknesses. By providing valuable information on supporting methods to boost productivity, efficiency as well as profitability.

it assessments
Utilize Organizational Change to Establish Digital Innovation
There is Magic in Every Beginning

The proper assessment and evaluation of an IT-systems and landscapes are best done by an outsider who takes a fresh and critical look at existing structures. In context with new opportunities existing application landscapes can be merged, replaced on kept. The process can shed light on structures that hold opportunities for new business.

Optimization is Only Possible Through Analysis

Dramatically improve your IT by analyzing complex structures of the digital environment to set up a successful strategy for improvement. There are different fields which can be analyzed: the current status of IT should be surveyed, provided services should be reviewed. It can be evaluated how up-to-date the IT-level is and where and how core business is supported by it. Complex processes can be identified and simplified. Adapting necessary changes to IT creates strategic, technological, operational, and digital impact for the business.

IT Expertise And Entrepreneurial Spirit

This makes us perhaps the most valuable partner when it comes to assessments after mergers and acquisitions, restructuring processes and overall change management of larger organizations. coac has already provided consulting servieces in several occasions to assess existing IT landscapes and create concepts for the future. Assessment for M&A transactions with a volume of more than 5 billion EUR have been driven by coac.

How IT-Assessments Improve

Complexity and Cost

Simplified but more reasonable IT-structures after a successful IT-Assessment lead to reduced IT-costs and better serving IT-structures – making room for innovations and approaches to create even better digital success.

How IT-Assessments Improve


In a complex world with rising cyberattacks IT-assessments can identify possible weak links and help to establish strategic directions and structures to raise cybersecurity. Clients are enabled to evaluate their cyber maturity to become protected, attentive and resilient.

Understand your IT-Landscape to Change it for the Best

1: Initialization

Kickoff to get to know each other and to design and jointly define the project plan. Additionally the discussion of customer requirements regarding project goals and contents of the project.


2: As-is-analysis

Analysis of existing structures and architectures to examine potentials, hidden gems and existing topics.


3: Evaluation

Evaluation of the findings to develop a list of concrete actions and recommendations and prioritize them. Findings are then presented to the client and discussed.


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