Digital interfaces

Web Applications

Development of website features, systems and programs according to the client-server-model which do not require local installments on the user's computer.

web applications
A Perfect First Digital Impression
Accessibilty to Your Products & Services Anytime & Anywhere

A professional, customer-focused web application leads to greater reach and higher revenue by utilizing advanced technology to meet new demands. The increasing use of technology creates the need for a professional digital appearance.

Always Up To Date

Reduce business and operational costs, create higher engagement with your customers, make your business accessible worldwide, improve lead generation and know the exact needs of your clientele. Through your web application you get valuable insights and analytics on application performance which lets you make clear decisions based on data.

Interfaces That People Love

In all our projects, we start with the interface from the beginning. Too many initiatives fail because the objective is not clear. At coac, we have invented a framework that allows the implementation of interfaces to be aligned from the beginning onwards and to be tested in parallel with their functional implementation.

Use Web Applications for

Industry-specific Business Solutions

With years of experience and industry knowledge, we deliver industry- specific solutions and analytics that solve your business challenges.

Use Web Applications for

Highly Scalable Solutions

Since there are no requirements such as installation or configuration changes, web apps are easily customizable. These allows for easy scalability whether it is the regions where your services are offered, the app performance or the addition of features.

Our Mobile Applications


AI-Driven regulatory compliance for the chemical sector.

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Cutting-edge Decision Support for Real Estate & Financial Investors.

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Ready-to-use Process Automation for Industry 4.0.

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