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Change Management

When change is imminent, organizations encounter changing conditions and values. Successful Change Management can be seen as a decisive success factor in competition when adapting to changing environments.

change management
Adapt to New Conditions
Improve your Business in the Least Disruptive Way

Every business experiences changes in regulations, expectations and requirements from partners or customers, or from new technologies that need to be adapted. These are crucial factors to the welfare of the business that must be implemented to remain successful and competitive. Change management guides businesses through these transformations as smoothly as possible.

Jump over Stumbling Blocks that Derail Transformation Processes

The business world is changing rapidly: it is becoming increasingly unpredictable, disruptive and global. Traditional methods cannot keep up. Companies need to adapt to changing conditions, quickly and boldly. This results in the need for change programs that guide the change process in a structured and targeted manner.
At coac we offer a comprehensive approach that enables organizations to achieve smooth transitions with as little disruption as possible. Our experience has shown that change management includes two aspects: the technology which is used and the way people work – our change management involves both aspects as a holistic approach.

It is not All About Technology & Methodology

“Only those ready to part, depart may rid themselves of paralyzing habits.” Hermann Hesse said and what is driving us at coac. But not all adapt fast to changes – especially in Germany it is often seen critically. We have created studies and best practices from a sociological and political perspective to consult in cases of change management from all relevant perspectives.

How Change Management can Affect

Changes in Technolgy

When transforming the IT-architecture reconsideration has to happen in a broader context. Possible efficiency gains through digitization and technical solutions must be considered in the context of existing software and systems. Change management in thetechnology used can lead to simplified processes, reduced costs and faster solutions for customers and partners.

How Change Management can Affect

Changes in the Way of Working

When changing anything in the organization, the employees are the deciding factor for a sustainable and successful change. They must be proactively engaged and informed as well as supported and trained. Crucial insights into structures and processes often come from those who work within them - which is why they must be heard. It is crucial to empower them to react agilely to new challenges and educate them for a successful change.

One Step at a Time

Planning & Envisioning

Change journeys should be planned long-term with clear visions. Sometimes it involves the strategic change of a portfolio that needs to be coordinated.


Preparing & Deploying

Managing the changes planned for an organization and enabling everyone to process these. Helping with the transition to new models and tools.


Ensuring & Managing

The sustainability of changes has to be reviewed after the transformation. People should be able to respond in an agile manner to the after-effects of the transformation.


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