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Design Thinking

Out-of-the-box ideas need out-of-the-box thinking. Participants of different expertise and backgrounds find the best solutions to create truly disruptive innovation.

design thinking
Business and Society are Facing Major Challenges
The old solutions no longer lead to substantial progress

We need to develop more and more innovative ideas. This is where design thinking comes into play. A set of innovative working methods that can lead to disruptive results.

Design Thinking Uses Scientifically-Proofed Concepts to Develop Innovative Ideas

Design Thinking describes a multitude of innovation methods. Especially through the many design sprints we have conducted, we have a lot of experience with a wide variety of design thinking methods. See two of our favorites below!

Long-term Experience in the Context of Tech

At coac, we started in 2012 with our first public Design Thinking workshops. Since then, we have invented the concept of enterprise Design Sprint, founded our co-creation space akkuraum and kept optimizing our initiative to create digital prototypes in the context of complex technology.

The power of interdisciplinarity

Interconnected Networks Instead of Isolated Silos

The digitalization has led to a massive increase in dynamic, while our thinking is still analog. To adapt to this, we must learn to think in a new, non-linear way. Digitization knows no boundaries and we need creative and innovative solutions! This means breaking down walls between both disciplines and departments. The challenges facing organizations today are too complex to stick to old processes.

A space that fosters creativity

The akkuraum

Cooperative Innovation needs an environment to flourish. The akkuraum is just that. Located in the heart of cologne, our co-working space presents the perfect room to create and shape. Lots of disruptive ideas with lasting impacts had their origin here over the last decade.

Benefits of Design Thinking

create new ideas

Design thinking enables one to think outside of conventions to create truly disruptive innovation.

collaboration is key

To tackle increasingly complex problems, design thinking enables participants of different expertise and backgrounds to find the best solutions

coac design sprint

Inspired by design thinking methods, we created our own unique design sprint concept to create a digital prototype within six working days.