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Cloud Infrastructure

Relying on a cloud infrastructure makes it possible to keep up with massive scaling and a never-ending increase in demand from data and new technologies.

cloud infrastructure
Utilize What Has Been Invented
Today Digital Solutions Can Be Executed for Highest Demands with Less Effort

All of this is possible with the cloud - accelerate the digital transformation of your business with cloud platforms. New features have a lower ready-to-market time, innovation becomes easier and faster, workloads can be automated and everything scales efficiently with smart data management and low technical risks.

Take Full Advantage of Industry-specific Cloud Solutions

Achieve the most value and innovation for your business by creating a digital architecture for the future. Designing, implementing and integrating a cloud infrastructure modernizes your data centers and networks and allows for automated processes as well as the appliance of big data tools. By giving all parts of the business secure, easy and reliable access to all technology services, also simplifies their management. At the same time a high level of cybersecurity is ensured and computing power can be scaled flexibly according to demand.

Enterprise Expertise & Entrepreneurial Spirit

We have managed IT projects in internal organizations with budgets of more than 2 mio EUR and invented startup tools on our own in the same time. Infrastructure has become commodity, but how to handle different solutions has become key in context of functionality and cost in the same time.

Cloud and New Technologies

Create an IT-Infrastructure that Can Handle Big Data

Digital technologies will continue to revolutionize markets. They are a game-changer for business models because they use AI, robots and sensors to process big data. Data centers will continue to be accessible to the cloud with optimized architectures. Paving the way for the use of new technologies to achieve innovation and growth.

Take your Data Everywhere

Make your Data Agile

Devices are important data providers. It is predicted that soon half of IoT data will be processed close to the data source via sensors. This requires data storage and processing infrastructure as well as machine learning. Data exists in every enterprise without end, it just needs to be stored without overloading data centers or networks. This is made possible by edge computing and integration into the cloud.

Modernize your IT-Architecture with a Cloud Infrastructure

1: Clean out and sort through.

Check if you are ready for the cloud infrastructure by performing a clear analysis of your infrastructure. Decide which applications are no longer needed and which do not have to or cannot be migrated.


2: Develop a clear strategy

A successful transformation to cloud infrastructure requires a clear and detailed strategy that defines milestones and timelines. Specific business requirements and saftey issues are also discussed.


3: Keep everyone on board

The new cloud infrastructure changes require new technologies, operating models and skills. Ensure culture and staff are transitioned and trained to make the most of the new infrastructure.


4: Migrate and standardize

After the migration procedure has been defined, the data protection, technical and regulatory requirements for the applications are examined. It is important that services, hardware and platforms are standardized and cloud-compatible so that automation can work.


5: Rethink and discover more improvements

After the successfully transitioning to a cloud infrastructure, you can step back and examine how applications and data can be rebuilt so that automation and AI can further optimize your IT-environment and create business value.


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