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Rapid Prototyping

The usage of prototypes makes it possible to detect and eliminate errors early on, before costs are incurred within the further process.

rapid prototyping
Experience What Happens at the Finish Line
Take the Fast Track & Collect Most Important Insights

Rapid Prototyping is a method that helps businesses quickly create concepts or test and refine product ideas. Prototypes are the fastest way to finding out if an idea can work. This way money and time can be saved, before starting the full production and implementation. The concept can be examined and validated, making sure it works as planned.

Launch Into New Areas With the Confidence of a Prototype that Has Proven Itself

Overcome outdated technology or traditional mindsets by rapidly prototyping and testing new ways – we at coac support you in the process of finding new solutions, give you input on the latest technological trends, and can deliver software for your new ideas. This allows you to integrate digital innovation into your products, workforce and skills. Making it possible to reach new markets, change your organizational strategy, or win new customers.

Try and Fail to Become Better Faster

It took some time for us to understand the potential of Rapid Prototyping and the benefits for our clients and us. Today we follow this lean and agile approach whenever we can and support our clients with the right tools, methodologies and expertise to make the right decisions at the right time.

How Rapid Prototyping Can Help You to

Get Innovation Faster, Cheaper, Better

Rapid prototyping is surprisingly much faster than conventional methods in producing an initial model. This leads to earlier and more frequent testing. Errors and potential for improvement can thus be identified much faster and better. As a result, detailed and more accurate feedback can be given and implemented, which increases the motivation and commitment of those involved.

How rapid prototyping can help you to

Create User-centered Products

Market leaders gain a competitive advantage from rapid response to customer needs. This is incompatible with stepwise design-and-build approaches. Based on customer input, highly effective processes can be set up quickly to integrate them. Through fast trial and error processes, requirements are rapidly implemented and presented to the customer.

Think Outside the Box

1: ideate

Get together with coac’s team consisting of diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences to get creative during interactive sessions.


2: Discover

Get input on the latest technological developments like artificial intelligence and discuss options for your prototype


3: build

Transferring ideas and discussions into a prototype by developing and building first applications in a few days.


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