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Data Lake

Create a platform for hybrid data management that allows high scalability, Big Data and real-time analysis, usable for reporting, visualization, advanced analysis, and machine learning.

data lake
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Data Lakes are the perfect solution to solve the increasing demand for more insights and exponentially growing data in business.
While the amount of incoming data is constantly increasing, it comes from various sources and arrives in different formats. Managing and processing the volume and variety of data is the basis for harnessing insights and creating business value from data. This can be achieved by implementing a data lake.

Unlock the Value of (Unstructured) Data

Based on the use of a wider variety of data from multiple data sources, the value of data comes into play. Data Lakes provide business users with direct access to raw data without significant IT involvement, allowing users to quickly analyze data and gain insights. Data Lakes store all types of data from a company, overcoming the challenge of data silos. By combining distributed storage with fast data Access, users gain the ability to access any data at any time to make decisions.

Big Data Does Not Have to Be Expensive

With Big Data technologies in particular, data management has shifted in many ways. Organizations today are establishing processes to deal with the different tools, scripts and layers that are needed to build a Data Lake. We make sure that you find the right level of management to reduce cost while establishing quality. Since we have a good overview of the different software components, we can establish the most powerful and suitable tools to create a strong learning curve.

Use Data Lakes for

Collect, Harmonize and Interpret Sensoric Information

Today it is possible to gather as much information as you like. Information on traffic, movements, usage, energy and much more. Insights can be extracted and used to realize improvements that have not been possible for the last decades in the area of product development, customer service and process optimization.

Use Data Lakes to

Gather Unstructured Data to Find Insights

Today organizations know that they own powerful data but what really is "inside", can be found using an explorative approach using many different mathematical models. In context to other data sets, most interesting and unique insights can be generated.

Benefits of Data Lakes

Access with full flexibility

Access for a wide range of users, regardless of department or location: flexible access to the data lake increases the use of data and simplifies data-driven business decisions.


centralized data

No more information silos by centralized data in the data lake allow for the appliance of latest technology like artificial intelligence to gain insights.


No more format issues

The ‘raw’ format of the data allows data scientists to quickly access and analyze data, independent from its format. This allows for data analytics to be implemented and to gain great value from the data.


independent access

Everyone in a company may access data from the data lake, this service can even be provided to customers or clients who can generate their small analyses and reports.


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