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Data Analytics

Data is the new oil - you just need to know how to find and mine it.


The Technology Behind It

High Performance Becomes Possible

Data Warehouse

Collect and analyze large amounts of data quickly with a flexible storage solution. We offer cloud services or integrated solutions and can combine them with Artificial Intelligence to create deeper, faster insights for you.

Store and Harmonize Your Data

Data Lake

Master data challenges and reach new depths of analysis by leveraging Data Lakes. A highly scalable environment that allows real-time analysis and harmonizes all forms of existing data formats. Perfect supplement for data warehouse solutions and machine learning application framework.

Drive Productivity by Document Understanding

Data Extraction

Discover the value of your unstructured data by extracting valuable insights from it. Save brainpower and time by using data extraction applications. We provide several possibilities to make your data usable, from natural language processing to machine learning.

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