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A product that works is the most important prerequisite for a great business. At coac, we believe that digital solutions can be customized for any organization.

product design
User Experience is Key to Success
User Experience is Driving The Value, not The Amount of Features

How well a digital solution is adapted by it's user can mostly influenced by creating an ideal, tailor-made application design. This does not only include a great visual interface, but also the handling of the app, the orchestration of functionality and the flexibility to adjust in cased on market and requirement changes.

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Technology is taking on a new role in product design: from a tool to be used in addition to human experience and creativity, to an oracle that incorporates customer feedback directly into the work. Technologies such as natural language processing or knowledge graph-driven techniques enable customer feedback with very high accuracy at high speed. This allows to design products that are technically appealing and innovative, but at the same time perfectly appealing to customers.

We Ensure That It is Used with Gratitude

We see that many applications are implemented without including deeper experience in form, but only in functionality. Form follows function means to us that functionality is driving the form, but that the form decides if the software gets accepted by users or not. Creating product designs at the very beginning is most important to us, because only then, the software can be tested and evaluated without major investments.

Using Product Design for

Mobile Applications

To offer user-centered experiences it is crucial to offer mobile applications. We offer great expertise in digital experiences that offer innovative approaches and therefore create great business value. We help to make your products tangible for customers.

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Using Product Design for

Supply Chains

Tailor-made solutions for smooth and innovative supply chains that can respond to changing requirements while being maximally customer-friendly.

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