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Application Architecture

When building reliable apps, highly experienced software engineers need to evaluate frameworks & orchestrate components to an overal concept.

application architecture
IT-Architecture at the Next Level
Raise Quality and Longevity of Your App

Yesterday's data architecture can no longer cope with the speed, flexibility and innovation that the market demands. Today's architecture convinces with agility and flexibility to respond to changing circumstances and fully exploit the associated potential of the market. Businesses that can harness the power of digitization can constantly optimize their processes and deliver up-to-date application architecture.

Breathe New Life into Your Architecture to Advance into Innovative Business Areas

This change brings challenges: architectures that have grown organically in most cases must be modernized and provided with the right level of digital innovation and modern technology. For this, companies need a strategic plan to find the right level of investment in the application architecture. During the redesign and prioritization process, forward-looking decisions are made. We at coac are happy to assist in this transformation with our experience.

Making a Difference in the Beginning

If you want to work out something complex or you want to start from scratch, things will become complex in the end. We make sure to share experience and follow best practices to create a stable technological basis for your application. Therefore, we assess the application architecture in a specific way, using our application architecture roadmap.

Use the Innovative Power of

Cloud Solutions

The use of clouds is a gamechanger in application architectures: new applications can be created faster and existing ones can be optimized. At the same time it offers the possibility to integrate artificial intelligence to gain competitive advantages.

Use the Innovative Power of


When we build application architecture, we think it in terms of data architecture as well. Data can deliver you great insights into your business and enable data-driven innovation. Concepts like Data Lakes or Data Analytics are therefore always taken into account.

Together We Design a Way to Approach the Modernization of your Application Architecture

Use cloud-enabled platforms instead of on-premise ones

This allows businesses to benefit from increased speed and agility. Usually cloud-based solutions are deployed in Microservices. Cloud-enabled platforms are resilient and very well scalable as well as manageable.


Build an architecture that enables you to be more efficient

Not only the use of clouds modernizes your architecture, but also the use of Microservices. These simplify the building of apps through the use of containers and make elements of applications scalable.


Gain value from your data

Great insights can be gained from data when combined with Data Analytics or Artificial Intelligence, ideally combined with cloud infrastructures. This gives you a real time snapshot of your current business as well valuable predictions about future business.


Advanced technology

Use cutting-edge technology to revolutionize your business: Machine Learning or Big Data helps you to analyze Data, Artificial Intelligence enables you to make data-based decisions for the future. Improve your contact with customers and get with Analytics a clear view of the current business – build an application that already holds the solution to future business problems.


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