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Augmented Reality

Computer-aided extension of the perception of reality which can address all human sensory modalities.

augmented reality
Create Something Extraordinary
Attractive and alarming potential for everyone

Augmented reality takes data from our environment and helps us solve problems we find in it. The right combination of data and the location in the physical environment reduces cognitive efforts we usually need to relate to our surroundings – because we see them directly and do not have to do the cognitive effort.

Harness Today's Data-rich Environment

Eyes where you do not have them - Augmented Reality brings human and machine together and achieves outstanding results. It provides users with digital information and lets them integrate the information into their work processes, making them more efficient and cost-effective This is possible by reducing errors, allowing things to be tested in advance and understood much faster and better in a 3D context.

Understanding Industry Requirements

We provide access to several use cases that can typically be compared to your current thoughts and ideas. Using this approach, we can offer rapid development and rollout to identify potential and usability.

Augmented Reality Matches Perfectly with

Artificial Intelligence

While augmented reality and artificial intelligence are separate technologies they work well together to create terrific results. They can work seamlessly together to create amazing mobile experiences for users. For example AI can react to verbal triggers and AR responds by inserting a 3D-object into the visual.

Augmented Reality Matches Perfectly with

Mobile Solutions

With more and more compatible smartphones at the market and higher usage times by users, a large interesting market is emerging. Augmented Reality is mobile-friendly and lets users have user-centered personalized experiences. The application possibilities for mobile apps are endless.

Leading Industries on the Path to Industry 4.0

Medical Field

Using augmented reality to improve surgeries as training and localization becomes easier and safer by using visualization methods.


energy sector

Besides the improvement of business processes, AR is an aid in restoring power faster and helps in knowledge management and training.


automotive industry

Customization of cars becomes visible through augmented reality: customers can directly see how their configurated car will look like using their smartphone making alterations easy and intuitive.


Technical Hardware

Technicians benefit from augmented reality when they have to deliver support. Virtual procedures show them effective and efficient how to fix certain problems in a wide range of hardware products


Real estate Business

Save time by virtually touring properties with customers, giving them a much more realistic picture of a property. Support decisions by creating 3D-models that visualize possible solutions for a construction site. Everything becomes easier when you use augmented reality.

real estate

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