Platform and Booster for the Hydrogen Ecosystem

Promoting Hydrogen
For a Carbon Neutral Future

The establishment of hydrogen technologies as an alternative source of energy is essential for a “Climate Neutral” Europe as stated in the European Green Deal. Hydrogen is a priority for powering climate-neutrality and a significant driver towards a clean and circular economy. To achieve these goals coac works closely with HyCologne and the Technical University of Cologne.

A Business Chance in
Increasing Requirements

A preceding study showed that a digital platform connecting the necessary stakeholders but also informing about and advocating for hydrogen technologies is crucial for a widespread establishment of hydrogen technologies.

For a Shared Mindset

Creating a Common Plattform

The digital platform bundles experience from projects, research projects, know-how from industry and municipalities. This will illustrate the feasibility of hydrogen-based energy and mobility projects and facilitate contact with key players from business and science in order to act as an enabler for hydrogen technology projects in the Rhenish Revier.

Educating on Hydrogen

Information Provisioning is Key

The main goal is the provisioning of relevant information by technology service providers and the scientific community. At the same time, project developers and municipalities should be given the opportunity to obtain information and to be able to communicate their successes at a later date. H2Pro3 also serves as a source of information for the interested public on the topic of hydrogen, including possibilities of use, best practice examples as well as topics of future application and safety.


Innovative interface

Central information is made available to users via an innovative interface. Standard interfaces can be used to communicate with other digital applications.

Networking through artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is used to automatically generate metadata based on text and establish relationships between content through the generated data.

Project profiles

Users receive information on implemented projects, planned measures, and the latest findings.

Accompaniment by experts

The platform provides the possibility to mediate certified experts who accompany the projects.

Concentrated expertise

References, concepts and best practices facilitate the kick-start of new projects.

Simple evaluation options

The platform provides centralized reporting that shows the user what successes have been achieved.

H2pro3 was made possible by support from the Federal Ministry for Economics and Climate Protection.

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