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What is Generative AI and LangChain?

Generative Artificial Intelligence is capable of generating text, images, or other media by using generative models. Generative AI models learn the patterns and structure of training data and generate new data that has similar characteristics. The progress in transformer-based deep neural networks enabled a number of generative AI systems that excelled at accepting natural language input.

Generative AI has applications in many practises, including communication, writing, software development, product design, healthcare, finance, marketing and more.

LangChain is able to contextualize own data sources to Generative AI models to give access to information from the own organisation. This enables corporats to use their own data sources during the creation of new content using Gen AI.

To connect your own data sources to LangChain, you can use the following components:

Document loaders

Load documents from many different sources, such as files, databases, APIs


Document transformers

Transform your documents into the desired format, such as splitting, dropping, converting


Text embedding models

Convert your unstructured text into numerical vectors that can be used for similarity search or clustering


Data stores

Store and query your data using various backends, such as SQLite, Elasticsearch


How We Work


Using LangChain with GenAI can have several benefits, such as:

Simplifying the installation and setup of GenAI models

Providing a standard interface for agents that can interact with GenAI

Enabling memory and retrieval augmentation for chatbots and other applications

Supporting prompt templates and LLM chains for different use cases

What are Large Language Models?

LLMs are powerful machine learning models that can perform language-related tasks such as translation, answering questions, summarizing content, and even creating new content and code. Coac makes it easy to integrate LLMs into your workflows and customize them with your own data for better performance.

LLMs have a wide range of applications, from enhancing customer service with chatbots and AI helpers to producing marketing content and writing software code. You can even train a model with your own data for specific tasks, using open-source tools to ensure ethical AI practices.

Take control of your data and make the most of LLMs for your business needs.

Push your data to the next level

coac offers the fine tuning of existing LLMs as a consulting and/or co-creation service. The objective here is to create a new LLM model that reflects your needs. 

Another consulting service is the integration of your databases and content into existing or fine-tuned LLMs using LangChain. LangChain helps you to connect (build a chain) of models and data through your Gen AI initiative. This allows you to use the information during the work with the LLM to create new content, summarize content and much more. This enables you to automate work and assist your workforce on a daily basis. 

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