Digital interfaces

Mobile Applications

Application software for mobile devices designed with consideration for the demands and limitations of the devices. It is seen as the dominant user interface of the future.

mobile applications
Customers Expect Mobile Support
Provide a Professional User Experience

Mobile apps are the key to successful digital services. They provide real-time access to data, wherever users are, whenever service is needed. Mobile apps offer special functionality and unique possibilities to the appprovider of the mobile application.

Create Great Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps are considered a key technology on the road to successful digitization and are an essential component of new business models.  They support information flow, collaboration, innovation & productivity. Being able to access services on the go is a necessity in a new way of life – making information mobile for every user to work efficiently and productively.

More Than Just a Mobile Screen

Not only have we build a mobile app. We have established models for mobile applications to understand when, where and how users are using your data. We created communication channels for several 1000 users and know how to create a concept. Especially for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, logistics and warehousing.

How Mobile Apps Can Be Used to

Revolutionize Product Safety

It is that simple: scan the QR-code, and learn everything about the components, requirements and properties of a product. We offer this service for the chemical sector with SAIFTY.

How Mobile Apps Can Be Used to

Revolutionize Laboratories

Quickly check from anywhere which laboratory appliances are available or who used what and when? MOSAIK makes it possible: we provide activity insights via an app.