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Eliminate waste, rework and bottlenecks, and automate manual tasks to deliver applications and services faster and easier.

development operations
DevOps is Driving Cost and Quality
Become Better in All Areas & Enjoy IT

Alread in 2016 a Puppet survey of 4,600 IT professionals showed that, IT departments with a strong DevOps workflow deployed software 200x more frequently than low-performing IT departments. They recovered 24x faster, and they had 3x lower rates of change failure.
At the same time, these businesses are spending 50% less time overall addressing security issues, and 22% less time on unplanned work.

Bring a Product to the Market
With More Speed

To be capable to respond rapidly to changing marketplace demands organizations must find a way to be lean, agile and capable of quick product delivery. This can be done by uniting software development and tech operations. Foster a culture where you focus on bottlenecks and flow. Development Operations allows faster time-to-market by using agile techniques and automating processes from end to end, allowing transparency between management IT and the users. Frequent and early testing leads to lower risk and cost while the software allows for easy changes.

Continuous Improvements Drive Progress

coac has made major experience in industrializing IT organizations and also in building teams of experienced IT engineers and researchers. In case consultancy is needed to set up an IT organization or handle change, coac can share best-practices and infrastructure guidance to succeed faster.

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Lean & Agile and DevOps

Agile and lean products development increases the speed of product development. To achieve the same speed at getting the product to market DevOps, which is a development of Agile, is needed. While agile uses short iterations to produce software, DevOps creates collaboration between development and operations to eliminate bottlenecks in delivery. When both approaches are used consistently, they create immense speed gains for an organization.

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Organizational Culture and DevOps

Like any culture change, working with DevOps relies on successful change management with leaders promoting and modeling the way of working with DevOps. Team members need to be trained and informed to set the entire organization up for continuous growth and learning, autonomous and cross-functional working to secure sustainable success for the future.