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Data Management and Advanced Analytics for Efficient Compliance

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The complexity and data volume required to fulfill regulatory needs

In today's ever-changing regulatory environment, businesses must comply with a wide range of requirements to avoid various legal and financial consequences. This often involves managing a vast amount of complex data, which can prove challenging and resource-intensive.

Meet SAIFTY Enterprise

Meet your regulatory compliance goals with SAIFTY Enterprise: Efficient data management and advanced analytics for streamlined compliance across multiple languages, regions, and information ratings.

SAIFTY Extractor

SAIFTY is using its own extractor that has been certified by SAP.

The extract can load information for specifications,composition, properties, identifier, usages, phrases, dangerous goods, masterdata, document publication and more.

SAIFTY Robots & Lake

SAIFTY is transforming the extracted information from several SAP EH&S source systems into an analytics data room, using Robots to run the transformation processes. The information can then be used for all furher analysis and reporting demands. The load of information can be configured. The transformation is done for each extraction.

SAIFTY Integration To System Architecture

Based on this data room, further aggregations and standardizations are execute to prepare data to be used as adigital SDS, REACH, SVT, DG, Hazardous Substance Inventories and more. The analytics data room and itsfurther processed information (data marts) can be used to enable ad-hocreporting, standard reporting, integrations, digital passports and much more.

SAIFTY Query Builder

To create more aggregations faster, SAIFTY provides its own query builder for key users of SAP EH&S. With the query builder, users can easily define what information they are interested in and SAIFTY takes over the generation of data in the background.

Based on the information of relevant identifiers, properties, the regulatory region, the expected language, and the aggregation type, SAIFTY creates and keeps information always up-to-date.

SAIFTY Digital SDS/Passport

The SAIFTY User Interface is used to specify digital passports and information from the specific datamarts inside the Lake is published to the web platform. Here the passport can be shared internally and externally. The digital passport can contain all information from the SDS but also more information from other source systems.




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