Activity Insights for Laboratories and Technology Centers Using Smart Sensors

Interoperable Solutions
Created by Smart Sensors

Laboratories and technology centers face the challenge of maximizing laboratory equipment utilization. Data needs to be shared between unrelated laboratory equipment from different manufacturers for more effective, efficient and smart use of laboratory equipment.

A Business Chance in
Increasing Requirements

By using smart sensors, the activity of laboratory devices can be measured and interpreted using Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Analyzing the utilization of devices helps us create resource-saving laboratories and gain new insights into materials.

Using the Innovative Power of

Artifical Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing data processing: larger amounts of data than ever before can be processed. This allows data from labs to be read and interpreted in ways that humans or applications themselves cannot. This can create insights that make labs smarter.

Using the Innovative Power of

Smart Sensors

Measuring power to feed into MOSAIK is done via smart sensors, which are a small revolution for laboratories. Their data collection makes it possible to read interoperable lab devices simultaneously - and measure activity. This is changing the way labs plan their workloads in a groundbreaking way.

Using the Power of


Web and mobile applications allow everyone involved with the laboratories or technology centers to access information on lab equipment usage. This allows users to see the capacities of the devices they want to use. As well as allowing operators to manage utilization and occupancy.



Multi-vendor solution that meets all requirements and is offered ready to use without major implementation risks.

Market position

Establish a stronger market position by offering unique technological features compared to your competitors.


Start transforming your repetitive tasks into smart processes using AI, to save valuable time and money.


Connect a few devices or interconnect separate technology parks – MOSAIK is perfectly scalable for your business needs.


Start standardizing processes of planning and utilization to free up time to address future topics.


Offer the information acquired by MOSAIK in user-friendly applications – mobile or web – that adapt to users’ specific needs.

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