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Artifical Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence can create value from big amounts of data.


Artificial Intelligence is
used throughout our Products

Smart Sensors for Smart Laboratories


By using smart sensors, the activity of laboratory devices can be measured and interpreted using Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Analyzing the utilization of devices helps us create resource-saving laboratories and gain new insights into materials.

AI-Driven Regulatory Compliance


To realize an efficient and safe supply chain, it is crucial to have all important product information at hand and available at any time. With SAIFTY, you have all important information in one place. An intelligent software interface allows you to connect everything with everything.

Cutting-edge Decision Support for Real Estate & Financial Investors


freiraum automatically extracts all important information from documents for real estate investors to present them clearly, precisely and comparably. Thus, freiraum helps to eliminate repetitive, manual work and to make the best decisions with all important information at a glance.

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