artificial intelligence

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing is the key to utilize your unstructured data.

natural language processing
Discover Valuable Insights
Detect Insights Hidden in Your Data

From documents, emails to customer reviews – analyzing and extracting the information costs time, money and mental capacity. As the amount of data grows exponentially, there is no way around the necessity for companies to use Natural Language Processing for their work.

Save Time and Forces While Tripling Efficiency Getting to a Solution 90% Faster

Natural language processing translates texts for us, extracts information and summarizes them. It even reacts to spoken commands – it thereby helps to rationalize business operations, supports employees with their daily work and increases their productivity to simplify business processes.

We Change the Way You Work

We have created applications and services which help your organization process more text content in less time with higher quality. We can use a wide range of tools and algorithms to easily setup an RPA application using NLP to automate your processes. We have established time savings between 35% and 100%.

Speech Recognition

Let the Chemicals Do the Talking

Speech recognition turns voice data into text data in order to process it. Ask SAIFTY anything about the safety data sheet and the product speaks for itself, informing you about regulations and substance information.

How to Implement NLP in Your Business

Consultancy & Software Solutions

At coac we offer both: we advise you the value Natural Language Processing can bring to your business, and we offer ready-to-use-products that work with Natural Language Processing.