We Help Organizations
to Take Action on Digitalization and Data Use.

Passionate about Consulting

At coac, we firmly believe in the power of data and in digitalization. We are one of the leading consultancies for new technologies in Germany.

Our consulting processes enable you to create new digital products, implement digital processes and establish digital business models.

We empower you throughout your unique journey of transformation with a clear focus on the products, processes and people involved.

coac helps to deal with the complexity and speed in the modern social and business context to stay ahead of the market.

Pursuing a collective approach, we help you to find new digital solutions for your future challenges.

We know key technologies, best-practise and methodological frameworks to deliver something that creates a competitive advantage and pays off.

Progress with Passion

Consulting Creates Innovation

Innovation happens at the interface of a highly qualified team and respective methodological processes. We help you to rethink your products, processes and business models or do it for you.

We provide technical know-how and methodology to create prototypes within a short period of time. Additionally, we provide access to the start-up community with innovators running small businesses that create the products of tomorrow.

coac understands itself as a boutique within the consulting market offering a broad range of services to help you take action on digitalization (and data use).

Consulting Overview

At coac we believe deeply in the power of data and on digitalization. We are one one of the leading consultancies for new technologies in Germany.

Design Sprint

Creating innovative concepts in a short amount of time by following our step-to-step desing sprint. Using a variety of design thinking methods to create a well-advanced prototype serving as roadmap for implementation.

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  • SEO & Marketing
  • Logotypes
  • Print Design
  • Testing & Optimization
  • Support

Design Thinking

Iterative process to solve problems and develop new ideas based on  team, space and process.

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System Architecture

Conceptually defining the elements of a system to understand its structures and behaviors.

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Product Design

Providing the process of imagining, creating, and iterating products that solve users’ problems or address specific needs in any given market.

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Application Architecture

Defining frameworks for application-based solutions and giving you a roadmap on how to build the architecture.

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Rapid Prototyping

Production of prototypes to detect and eliminate errors early on, before costs are incurred within the production process.

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Project Management

Successfull initiation, planning, control, monitoring and completion
of your projects.

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IT Assessments

Identifying strenghts and weaknesses, supporting methods to boost productivity, efficency as well as profitability.

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Development Operations

Combining mindsets, practices and tools to enable organizations to deliver applications and services faster and easier.

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Lean & Agile Organisation

Creating the greatest possible value and at the same time saving resources in the best possible way.

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Change Management

Profound changes in organizations to meet changing conditions. Decisive success factor in competition.

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Cloud Infrastructure

Relying on cloud infrastructure allows it to keep pace with its massive scale and unending increase in demand.

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Data Warehouse

Setting you up with a central database optimized for
analysis purposes.

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Data Lake

Expertise in single repositories for all enterprise data used for reporting, visualization, advanced analysis, and machine learning.

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Data Extraction

Turning unstructured or semi-structured data into structured data. Makes the data available for analytics and reporting to gain further insights.

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Data Classifications

Classification of data is crucial to information security, especially when dealing with large volumes of data, including sensitive information.

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Anomaly Detection

Enabling real-time monitoring and surveillance of your systems by identifying unexpetcted items or events in data sets. Allows you to have full transparencyand control of your data.

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  • Monitoring
  • Surveillance
  • Identify Weak Links
  • Enhance Network Safety
  • Protect Your System

Natural Language Processing

Algorithmic processing of natural language as a subcategoryof Artificial Intelligence and one of the main use cases for Deep Learning.

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Mobile Applications

Application software for mobile devices designed with consideration for demands and constraints of the devices.

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Augmented Reality

Computer-aided extension of the perception of reality which can address all human sensory modalities.

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Web Applications

Computer programs according to the client-server-model. Do not require local installments on the user's computer.

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Micro Services

Approach in which software consists of small independent services. This way, even large projects can be split into small units and remain expandable and maintainable for small, independent teams.

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Process Automation

Automatically controlling processes by using a network to interconnectcontrollers, sensors, operator terminals and actuators. Less time-consuming,rule-based and recurring taks by automation.

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Consulting Overview

At coac, we firmly believe in the power of data and in digitalization.
We are one of the leading consultancies for new technologies in Germany.

“We help you digitize your organization”
Progress with Passion

We Help You Take Action

coac offers a wide range of individual and combined consulting services, which we carry out with or for you. Since the beginning of coac, we have implemented these services 100% successfully. Our promise to you: we are your perfect sparring partner to master future challenges like digitalization and data usage.

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