Data analytics

Data Extraction

Make data available for analytics and provide easy access to create your own reports and gain further insights. Clean and harmonize data and put it into context with other data from different applications.

data extraction
Benefit from Great Analytics
Analytics are worthless with poor data

Endless data in a wide variety of data qualities presents decision makers with tricky data challenges. Thus a clear data management strategy is required to enable businesses to collect, process and create business value with the large amounts of data available today. One targeted solution for dealing with great amounts of data of varying qualities is data extraction.

Unlock the Power of Your Application Data

With Data Extraction you can easily access your data, create your own reports and place information into context. In companies, up to 80% of all data is unstructured and it costs employees a lot of time to analyze it. Thanks to artificial intelligence, these analyses can be performed automatically and accurately. Data extraction retrieves data from various sources. In order to be able to process it further, the data is migrated to a data repository (e.g. a data warehouse or data lake) where it can be analyzed automatically.

Keeping Things Simple

The concept of data extraction and data exchange is complex and cost-intensive, the further processing of the data is typically not much simpler. We have experience in data extraction from SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft, Third-Party Apps, REST APIs and many more. This allows us to load the right data in the right format, with the right tool, to reduce costs and drive efficiency.

Using Data Extraction to

Stop Extracting Information Repetitively

Today many employees still have to manually extract data from IT applications on a recurring basis and lose important time to create new business value. Using automated processes, repetitive work can be automated and quality raised.

Using Data Extraction to

Automate Application Data Integration Into Other Applications

Integrating data from one application into another application based on defined triggers is easy today and enables stronger automation along business processes. Copying information from one application to another is no longer important.

Good Data Creates Great Benefits

lower risk

Data extraction reduces manual and transmission errors. By automating these processes, automated controlling and enhanced data validation, there are fewer errors and higher accuracy in reporting.

lower risk

greater efficiency

Due to automation there is less need for manual processes as data flows automatically, approvals are tracked within the system and end-users have one portal to access the information.

greater efficiency

Greater Growth

The use of strategic insights derived from extracted data enables businesses to pursue new business opportunities or to extend their core business.

greater grwoth

Faster processes

Auto-extraction generates real-time data using automated workflows to respond directly to market changes. Fewer bottlenecks and delays become possible. Data Extraction also leads to faster data entry with fewer errors – saving time in everyday work.

faster processes

better decision making

Unstructured data holds great value to those who can extract and structure it – meaningful information hidden in various sources comes to light and allows for data-driven decisions.

better decisions

Greater employee motivation

Manual processes in data extraction are repetitive, demotivating and tiring tasks for employees. Automated data extraction creates room for focusing on meaningful tasks and improves productivity.

greater motivation

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