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AI-Driven Regulatory Compliance

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Data & Demand are Constantly Growing

Companies in the process industry are increasingly faced with the responsibility of ensuring the sustainability and safety of their entire supply chain. Utilize digital technologies to create a smarter environment.
With SAIFTY, you have all the essential relevant information in one place. An intelligent software interface allows you to connect everything with everything.

Solutions for

Logistics management

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  • Low-code data analysis
  • Selection of appropriate logistics solutions
  • Higher flexibility in decision-making
  • Testing & Optimization
  • Support

Supplier management

SAIFTY combines new safety information with existing EH&S data.

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  • Up-to-date safety and supplier data
  • Comparison of suppliers against internal standards
  • Facilitated decision-making on sourcing strategy

Occupational health & safety

SAIFTY immediately provides safety information to employees as data sheets are stored in the cloud in a structured way.

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  • Digital availability of safety data sheets from everywhere
  • Facilitated search via Q&A function
  • Low-code operation of the cloud
Fulfill Internal Safety Standards

Increase Product Safety

Extraction of relevant information from regulatory documents regardless of the format ​​

Facilitated data transmission and availability along supply chain

Comparison of product features to internal safety standards

Facilitated sourcing or substitution decisions

Check against current regulations

Ensure Product Compliance

Integrate SAIFTY into existing ERP systems (SAP...)
Reduce complexity of Environment, Health and Safety Data structures from SAP

Ensure conformity with REACH and other EU laws (sustainability)

Easily fulfill regulatory requirements

Merge Different Data

Own Product Stewardship

Contextualize your compliance information with other business data, like sales, logistics, stock, and more​​

Monitor, assess, and report sustainability measures based on SAP EH&S

Create your own Reports for customers and marketers​​​​


Depending on your needs, we have a plan that will work for you. Take a look at the comparison chart below to see which plan is right for you.

Our Plans


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49€ per month
Full functionality
50 documents per day
Free extraction approvals
Unlimited exports per day
Free library
Free digital passports
Free notifications
Phrase lookup
Up to 5 flows
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starting from
499€ per month
Full integration
As much documents you need
Free extraction approvals
Integration into SAP
Free digital passports
Teams functionality
Unlimited flows
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