Data & demand are constantly growing
Utilize digital technologies to create a smarter environment

Companies in the process industries are increasingly faced with the responsibility of ensuring the sustainability and safety of their entire supply chain.

Prevent exponential growth of regulatory and compliance efforts for your products

Demand on regulation is growing rapidely and in the same time your portfolio needs to become more diverse. Digital technologies can help you to handle the growing workload and in the same time turn your regulatory data into digital assets. Products learn to speak and your service quality becoming more powerful.
To realize an efficient and safe supply chain, it is crucial to have all important product information at hand and available at any time. With SAIFTY, you have all important information in one place. An intelligent software interface allows you to connect everything with everything.

How to Deal with New Requirements

Data is Key

With a digitalized supply chain, adjustments to new law can be implemented fast. Open up possibilities, to ensure compliance with standards along the supply chain through technical verification.

Use thr Latest Technology

Automation Along the Value Chain

A reliable data structure in the background is the key to create meaningful value. Many simple processes are still controlled manually and can be automated very easily. The basis is that all safety data is digitized and available at all times.

SAIFTY Combines Many Options in One Solution

Integrated System

SAIFTY supports every step of data management. It provides interfaces to existing SAP systems, offers an easy way to create new safety data sheets, and offers a wide range of process automation options.

Time Savings
Personalized Compliance Information
Time Reduction For Regulatory Reporting
Up to 97%
Process Automation

Reduce Time & Raise Quality

Product Safety Information is the Fundament to Drive Sustainable Industry and Also a Critical Cost Factor for Your Business.

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Turning SDS & other documents into valuable raw data using AI​
Extracting information from ​docs like SDS automatically​​

Utilize Robotic Process Automation (RPA) & Low-Code to Digitalize Your Organization

The automated extraction of information is a key functionality to handle the new demand on regulatory & compliance content. ​​

Highly automate the extraction of relevant information from SDS & other documents containing regulatory information or biocides and nano particles. Access ready-to-use templates. Upload documents and store relevant information in SAIFTY and/or download relevant data as spreadsheets.​

Reduce time and effort for inbound SDS handling by ~90%​
Reduce the time to extract relevant data from SDS by ~70%
​Collect 100% of your incoming SDS into your own specification database​

Provide Product Related Documents at a Single Place​
Store & Offer Documents On a Platform Made for Globally Regulated Products & Services​

Offer all user groups special services & more support

SAIFTY offers a central platform to store documents for products & services for countries, languages, confidentiality levels and more. Authenticate and offer easy access for your internal organization and IT applications. Solve most important requirements by enabling all units and responsibilities to take action.

Customers, especially downstream users expect more transparency and digital access to relevant information.​​

Reduce time and effort to share regulatory documents by ~90%​
Prevent outdated documents along the value chain​Offer better & additional services around your product​Optimize quality of product information by ~20%​

Sharing Regulatory & Compliance Information Along the Value Chain
Share Information To Anyone in Any Format & Having Full Control

Support your customers & partners to drive sustainability​

SAIFTY is used as the central tool, offering and commitment to handle todays challenges and requirements in context of sustainability regulation.​​

Regulatory & complianceinformation is today more important than ever. Different information isrequired in different ways for different countries and products. SAIFTY isoffering highest flexibility in context of data access and usage while having fullcontrol on who is accessing information from where and when.

Create 100% transparency and have full control on access and usage​
Automate the communication with stakeholder by ~95%​Reduce effort by ~35% to fulfill regulatory reporting​


seamless communication

All data is available in all required languages and can be accessed anytime anywhere.

monitoring of all requirements

SAIFTY provides the ability to ensure that environmental and ethical standards are met throughout the supply chain.


Multilingual, updated, quality-assured and fully automated processing of safety data.


NLP eliminates the need for manual processing of incoming and outgoing SDS's.

Made in

SAIFTY is the only solution on the market made in Germany and a certified SAP Partner.

Country specific

SAIFTY takes into account the different security requirements of different countries.

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