Regulatory Compliance Support

From the beginning of 2023 the new EU legislation “Regulation 2020/878” requiring comprehensive updates of Safety Data Sheets, comes into effect. SAIFTY supports you to ensure regulatory compliance regarding the update of safety data sheets.

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Ensure that your raw material Safety Data Sheets (SDS) include UFI codes

Find out if the UFI in the SDS is required with new regulation for loose, unpackaged mixtures delivered in bulk containers, tankers, and bulk transporters. With SAIFTY you can easily verify if your raw Materials require a UFI code.

Validate weather your supplier SDS lists M-factors for substances, and mixtures

Automatically check if M-factors are assigned in the SDS. By standardizing the extraction from supplier SDS you can find out if M-factors are linked to a substance, and if it may cause environmental effects at low concentrations.

Quickly check if endocrine disruptors are listed throughout the whole SDS

Easily find endocrine descripting effects listed in all sections of the SDS. By using SAIFTY you can also identify Endocrine disrupting effects in Section3.2 (mixture) with disruptors present at > 0.1% in a mixture.

Utilize automated extraction to find out about the existence of Nanoforms in SDS

Detect weather SDS of raw materials or mixtures contain information on nanoform. Automatically check if a substance or component is listed as a nanoform under REACH and other nano inventories

Let’s Work Together!

Simply upload supplier SDS via the user friendly webapp or define an email post box to load documents from attachments. Reduce manual effort, errors, and cost in creating your hazard substance inventory.

Utilize AI to extract any data from Safety Data Sheets

Use artificial intelligence to extract and manage data from Safety Data Sheets (SDS). Define which chemical property information you would like to extract to retrieve information on UFI codes, REACH registration, usage, classification and labeling, composition and more.

Approve the extracted information from SAIFTY

With the Smart Approval of extracted data you will be able to get
a detailed overview of extracted data. Get relevant sections highlighted and make corrections by selecting certain texts with a mouse click. This will greatly reduce the time for reviewing documents.

Use Rule-Sets to Check SDS Compliance

The powerful build in rule-sets in SAIFTY help you to check SDS for compliance. Choose from many different function modules to validate weather the SDS lists storage classes (eg. TRGS 510, VbF, Flammable Liquid Class), water hazard class, UFI, nanoparticles, M-Factors and more. Additionally, SAIFTY lets you cross reference the substance and components against inventories such as Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC), Prior Informed Consent (PIC) and Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP).

Connect an Email Post Box to Automate the Extraction Pipeline

When creating your inventory, you can configure it to connect to a email post box. All emails that you or your supplier send to this inbox will be processed. The SDS attached will automatically be extracted and pushed into a queue for review.

Have all Information on Your Fingertips with a Powerful Search Function

Search for product numbers, product names, CAS, supplier names, or individually define search parameters yourself. All approved documents are stored fully digitalized in the repository giving you the ability to retrieve exactly the data you are looking for.


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